What A Pastor Does

Night and day we pray most earnestly that we may see you again and supply what is lacking in your faith. 1 Thessalonians 3:10 NIV

Simply put, a pastor desires relationship (to “see” the people they shepherd) and spiritual maturity (to “supply what is lacking” in peoples’ faith). Sometimes the first part is easier, and sometimes the second comes more easily, but I’ve found a strong mix of both comes only when I’m relying on God and praying for the fruit of the Spirit.

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Worship setlist 6.22.14

Happy Day

Forever Reign (Alternate Chords)

Before the Throne of God Above (Kensrue version)

All Creatures of Our God and King

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)


Worship setlist 6.15.14



Come Thou Fount


The Stand

Our God


Worship setlist 6.8.14

Be Lifted High

Nothing But the Blood

Christ is Enough


Oh You Bring


Worship setlist 6.1.14

Blessed Be Your Name

Because of Your Love

Hosanna (Hillsong version)


Thank You For Hearing Me

Revelation Song


Worship setlist 5.25.14

Marvelous Light

At Your Name

Glory to God Forever

How Deep the Father’s Love For Us

Hosanns (Baloche version)


Worship setlist 5.18.14

God is Able


Beneath the Waters

Lead Me To the Cross

Nothing But the Blood


Worship setlist 5.11.14

Your Grace is Enough

Before the Throne of God Above (Kensrue version)



Your Love Never Fails


Blackened Heart

I’ve been sitting on a few songs for a long time just waiting to record them officially… maybe I will one day, but in case I never get around to it, I figured I might as well post the demos here. I wrote this song based on Psalm 131 and some conversations I had with an agnostic buddy of mine. It’s called Blackened Heart. Hope you like it. The lyrics:

Your intelligence is wasted here

You’re too far down the rabbit hole

Blackened heart

You’re too far down the rabbit hole

You tell yourself you’re an animal, turned us into animals

Blackened heart, whole in part

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The Cost of Disorganization

Found a journal entry from 2010 that I thought I’d share. It’s from me and to me, but maybe it’s for you too. By God’s grace, I’m learning to overcome these things, but I present the entry to you without commentary.

The three things my disorganization costs my church are money, momentum and morale.

Money. I don’t plan ahead well and my volunteers aren’t good enough to jam on the songs that I want to do. As a result I have to pay people who can succeed in a last-minute set planning environment. Not only that, but anything I end up doing with graphics, set design, banners, or other visuals costs more money because it has to be rushed.

What workflow can I put in place that forces me to plan ahead? How do I draw better musicians/artists to the church? **Give ownership** Part of the issue is that I’m doing it all myself…empower other people who excel where I am deficient. View money spent in worship as money taken from other ministries.

Momentum. The issue is not that people don’t want to help…it’s that they don’t know how to help. I’m not organized enough to ask/discern/know where God wants us to go, which necessarily means others don’t know where I want to go. And they don’t want to push me in the wrong direction (this is very gracious of them, btw), which stalls them (and me). And the last thing new people want to do is get on board a program that doesn’t seem to be heading anywhere, so the active momentum-killing nature of disorganization–which would be anesthetized by an influx of new faces–is compounding. Soon we’ll actually be going backwards, if we’re not already.

Cast vision. What does God want from our church? What character traits am I rewarding? How frequently and passionately am I speaking into the future? Am I setting and communicating clear, reasonable goals? How can I get new people on-stage? **Use videos** Give young people the reins…don’t forget that you weren’t ready the first time you got put in charge. **Create some venues for them to make mistakes without it affecting the church’s main services. Then let them shine in the main services**

Morale. Aside from the fact that my budget is bleeding out, and that I’m not giving the ministry/congregation a direction, it doesn’t seem like my team is excited about worship ministry. It takes organization to get people excited, and to keep them there. People like making music, and they enjoy leading worship and being part of Sunday services, but I wouldn’t characterize anyone as enthusiastic about the ministry. Seems like the ministry is about merely making sure Sunday services get done without too many issues. A major cause is the lack of momentum, but even high-momentum churches burn people out… What culture, what systems, can I create that keep morale high as momentum goes up?

Colossians 3. Especially vv 12-17. Forgiving, loving, peaceful, thankful, wise, harmonious, active and hard-working. You need to pray more… don’t assume it’s all on you to move people. Get in step with the Spirit’s work in their lives and your job will go easier, even if it’s slower. Preach thankfulness to the team and they’ll pick it up. It’s hard to have a bad attitude when you’re really thankful to be somewhere.

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